Founded by security design specialist Mark Tucknutt in 2017, Toren Consulting is a single discipline security consultancy focused on the property sector.

Experience and Qualifications

Mark founded Toren Consulting based on 17 years as a security designer, starting with the UK Home Office followed by leading international and London based security consultancy practices.

During his career Mark has designed physical and electronic security for some of the UK's most prominent commercial and residential developments, as well as the homes of royalty, politicians and industry leaders.

Mark has a Masters degree in Security Management (and one in Physics) and is Co-Chair of the Security Institute's Built Environment Security Special Interest Group.


Our Ethos

Toren Consulting was founded on the belief that protecting our people and our belongings is one of the fundamental reasons that humans build. 

As security designers we therefore aim to be respected professionals and valued members of property design teams. We achieve this through being professionally qualified, highly capable at consulting with clients and external stakeholders and excelling at collaborating with architects and engineers.

We insist that security supports the operation, look and feel of a building whether it is a commercial office tower, a luxury hotel or a private residence.

We believe in third party accreditation. Toren is a SABRE Licensed Company, Registration Number SLC-005-001. Details of our SABRE Registered Professionals can be viewed on BRE's Red Book Live at .


Open Positions

Security Consultant

We are always keen to speak to people from a range of academic and professional backgrounds about building a career in security design consultancy at Toren. Yes, this is one of those 'always on' job openings.

If you're an experienced security consultant or a designer or professional from a related discipline, and you're interested in supporting the security design of great buildings and contributing to the development of security design as a discipline, then get in touch.

At Toren we are passionate about raising standards in security design, starting with ourselves. We expect a high calibre of candidate, and in return we will support a tailored development path for all employees. We expect you to take security and property design seriously, but not yourself. We will insist that you take an active part in developing yourself and the sector which means you'll be learning, writing, speaking and connecting with people as key elements of your position.


  • Experience designing or consulting on security for property in the UK; or
  • A graduate or postgraduate qualification in security or a closely related subject; or
  • A graduate qualification and experience in another design or engineering discipline;
  • Enthusiasm for building design, a belief in protecting people and their stuff and a love of communicating with people are essential.

Security Design Intern

As part of Toren's commitment to raising standards in the security design sector, we aim to provide frequent internship opportunities. We will provide you with clear deliverables, a structured programme, and opportunities to work either on live projects, business development tasks or on research that we will publish (in your name, under our brand).


  • Currently studying or recently completed a graduate or post-graduate degree;
  • Studying security, criminology, terrorism or a related subject; or
  • Studying architecture, engineering, or a related subject; and
  • Considering a career in security design


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